About Me

My name is Stefani. And I am unable to summarize my entire being in a few short descriptive categories, which is true about most people but for some reason that is the popular thing to do nowadays. I’m a complex person and I am in the process of rediscovering myself and improving on that. I want to build a brand in the process and document my journey.

But since we do like categories, here are some statements about me:

  • I am in my mid going on later 20s.
  • I am racially mostly Chinese, with some Black and then some miscellaneous born and raised in Jamaica.
  • I am a mom to an adorable little girl.
  • I have an Australian Shepherd.
  • I enjoy dog hobbies and am learning more about that.
  • I did my Bachelors in Biology focusing on cancer and cell biology.
  • I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety, Depression and Cyclothymia in college.
  • I am an Atheist and a Humanist.
  • I love craft markets, farmers markets and pretty much any nifty local artisan type thing.
  • I love food.
  • I love new things; food, experience, places etc.
  • I want to learn more about my Chinese culture and language.

I am a lost person.

I have so many thoughts, ideas, interests constantly buzzing in my head that it is borderline crippling. There is so much to do and learn and so little time and my issues with mental health honestly has dragged me away from the person I used to be and is hindering me from the person I could be.

I am throwing away my previous goals of trying to do a standard academia 9-5 job and now embracing my less practical side to find a way to put value out into the world my own way, while finding balance between practical needs and soul fulfilling needs. I believe that I only have one conscious life to live and I want to make the most of it.